The Cub Pack


Lord Baden-Powell,
the Founder of Scouting, based his original Wolf Cubs on the 'Jungle Book' by Rudyard Kipling. The Cubs meet in a group called a Pack (as in a Pack of Wolves). The leader of the Cub Scout section is often Akela and other leaders may take Jungle Book names such as Bagheera, Baloo, Riki Tiki, Kaa etc. At the beginning and end of each pack meeting the Cubs hold a ceremony called a 'Grand Howl’, where the Cubs reaffirm to do their best (come in one night and watch it) as well as Flagbreak/Flagdown.

The Cubs in the Pack
are organised into Sixes. Each six has their own colour and the Cubs in that six wear a woggle of that colour on their ‘Necker’. The woggle is given to the cub at his investiture. Each six will contain approximately six cubs of a range of ages. Each six has a 'Sixer’ who is 'in charge' of the six. He is helped by a 'Seconder'. A cub is not usually made up to a Seconder or Sixer unless they have shown their competence and good behaviour.

If your child is unhappy
with any aspect of their six, or if they have a problem with any other members of the pack, please let one of the leaders know.

Promise & Law 

The important underlying values of Scouting are
summarised in the Cub Promise and Law. 

The Cub Scout Law                                        The
Cub Promise

Cub Scouts always do their best                   I promise that I will do my best        

think of
others before themselves                 to do my duty to my God and to the Queen
and do a good turn every day.                      to help other people and to keep the Cub Scout Law


Scouting is an uniformed organisation. All Cubs are required to wear uniform for Pack Meetings and when arriving and departing from events. Cubs should take pride in their uniform and do their best to look after the uniform and to look smart. Cubs are not expected to wear a uniform until they have been 'invested' (officially joined the Pack).  However, if the cub is certain about joining the Pack the cub may wear the sweatshirt to meetings before his investiture. The uniform is available from the Guide shop in Coates Crescent, 225 3483, as well as other shops in the city.

Cub Scout Uniform consists of:

•  Green Cub Scout sweatshirt

•  Group Scout Green Scarf (neckerchief)

•  Woggle
(provided at investiture)
•  Blue Shorts/Trousers or Joggers

•  Black Shoes

At the 28th
Braid Cub Pack the cub must also have a ‘tin’. This should be a box (such as a biscuit tin, plastic container etc) large enough to hold the following:
the Cub Scout ‘Powerpack’ handbook, 30p, pencil and paper (or notebook), handkerchief or tissues. This should be brought to each Pack meeting without fail unless away from the hall.
 A filled water bottle should be brought to meetings as there is no access to water in the hall.

Badges &

Cub Scouts will work towards many Awards and badges during their time in the Pack.  Detailed information is available from the Leaders or at,67 . A Cub may begin working towards badges as soon as they first come to the Pack. Their first Award is the Membership Award where the new Cub learns the Law and Promise and something of the history and traditions of Scouting and the Pack. Badges will not be worn until the Cub is invested, when they receive a new Membership Badge and the group, district and area badges. There is a sheet showing the position of the badges in Documents. The various badges will involve work at the Pack meeting, sometimes work at special events or camps, and also a certain amount of work to be completed at home. If your child wishes to undertake any of the badgework,please discuss it with a leader.

Behaviour and Discipline

All Cubs are expected to behave well and appropriately.
We reinforce this behaviour using our points system where good behaviour is rewarded and bad behaviour loses points for the Cub’s Six.  Inappropriate behaviour will not be accepted.  Generally speaking, minor incidents will be dealt with at the leaders discretion (e.g. a simple 'telling off’’, sitting out the game). More serious examples, in particular bullying and fighting, will result in the Cub's parents being contacted and, depending upon the circumstances, suspension for a number of weeks. Older Cubs, and in particular Sixers and Seconders are expected to set a good example to younger members of the Pack.

Occasionally we will have members in the Pack with
special needs or health alerts (asthma etc). If your child requires any additional help with any activity, or has any particular needs please speak to one of the leaders.
A Cub Scout's Obligations

Members of the 28th Braid Cub Pack are
expected to take an active role in the activities of the Pack. The following is considered the minimum commitment from a Cub: 

Attend all Pack Meetings unless ill or away (if a Cub does not attend for three meetings in a row, without notification, we shall assume the Cub has left the Pack and offer the place to a child on our waiting list)

Attend at least
two Scouting events during the year such as Coffee Mornings, Fund-raisers, District Events or Pack

If a Cub has to miss meetings due to any other
commitments, they and their parents should notify the leaders.

Sixers and Seconders will be asked to attend occasional
Sixer Councils throughout the year. If your Cub cannot stay late or come early to attend the Council please let a Leader know, should they be considered for either position.

Other Sections

When a cub approaches the age of 10½ they will begin to
look towards moving up to the Scout Troop. They will have to complete certain requirements for their Membership Badge before they can be invested as a Scout.

As Beaver Scout’s approach their 8th birthday
a leader visits the Colony and begins to introduce the prospective Cubs to Cub Scouting. We have a simple ceremony when Scouts move from section to section.

District &
Special Events

Throughout the year
there is a wide programme of activities and events available to your Cub. These will often be District Events where they involve Cubs from all the groups in Braid. Details of the dates and activities are published in advance

Parental Support - We
Need You!

Help is needed in many areas and your support is essential
if the group is to continue running as it should. The weight of responsibility should not fall on the shoulders of a few volunteers, and your child will also benefit from a demonstration of your commitment to the Pack as well as their own.

Parents are asked to help in any manner they can. This
means attention to small details at the very least, ensuring that their child arrives in time for the Pack meetings,and that the Cub has their ‘tin’ complete. We operate a Parent Rota, so a parent helps at each meeting. With 30+ Cubs in the Pack we would anticipate that each family would do one evening each year. If you are unable to take a slot on the rota please let a Leader know how you will support the Pack in another capacity. 

parents are invited to(and expected to attend) the Annual General Meeting, the exact times and dates of which will be circulated in advance. This meeting is extremely important, as it is when the Committee is elected and the Annual Report is presented. Details of what is happening in the group are discussed and it gives you the chance to air your views and put forward your suggestions.

Fund Raising is a very important part of
'behind-the-scenes’ Scouting and unfortunately often falls upon the shoulders
of the same few parents and leaders, who are willing to give a lot of time and effort to keep the group running. All parents are encouraged to come forward with ideas and offers of help.

Parents are asked to be vigilant in bringing their children directly into the hall and ensuring a Cub leader knows they have arrived, and also to collect them from the lobby of the hall. If a Leader is on their own we will ask parents to stay until there are at least two Leaders present, to comply with the Child Protection rules of the Scout Association. If you know your Cub cannot attend a meeting please let the leader team know in advance. We apologise in advance for those evenings when we run late – usually because we are having fun. Please advise a Leader at the beginning of the evening if your Cub has to leave promptly or before the end of the evening.

Pack Night Programme

The Cub Scout Section
works to a loose programme each night.

6:30 p.m.      Grand Howl

6:40 p.m.      Inspection

6:50 p.m       Game

7:00 p.m.      Badge Work

7.30p.m.       Game

7:50 p.m.      Notices/Flag Down

8.00p.m.       Dismiss

Come in and see what
happens if you want to know more!

The Cubs will be inspected each week for their uniform and
general appearance and be awarded points. These scores are totalled with a trophy and prize going to the highest scoring Six annually.  The words 'Games' and 'Work’ are used loosely
as all of the nights activities are presented in a fun and interesting way.Often the Cubs will be playing a 'Game' whilst learning some important Scouting skills, or they may be doing some really enjoyable 'Work' without realising it. If you have any questions regarding the Pack night programme please come and ask one of the leaders; perhaps you could take a turn on the Parent Rota for a night to see what they get up to!



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